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  • This course is aimed for postgraduate students in their final year of medicine, pediatrics, and pathology training.
  • However, all those interested in the clinical about laboratory aspects of hematologic disorders can register for the CME.

  • Registration is mandatory.

  • If you require a CME credit certificate, you will need to pay Rs.3500/- through online transaction at the time of registration.

  • The access will be enabled only after the confirmation of registration.

  • The access to the questionnaires/feedbackforms/quiz will be provided at the scheduled time. Access to these forms will not be provided throughout the CME.

  • All participants with >80% attendance alone will receive a participation certificate. Registration fee and 80% attendance is mandatory for those requiring a CME credit certificate. The participation(>80% attendance) includes submission of the pre and post questionnaire, feedback forms as well as participation in the CME quiz.